Working with metals is widespreadin the Marche, and wrought iron lamps and balconies can be found in both the city and the countryside.

One of the leading provinces for this particular craft is Ascoli Piceno, especially the towns of Force and Comunanza, where modern-day coppersmiths carry on a tradition which dates back many centuries.

The city of Ascoli Piceno has, over the centuries of history, had a close tie to working with metals. Walking through the streets of the historic centre you can’t help but notice the many pieces of wrought iron that embellish the urban texture of the city.

The art of wrought iron is one which, even centuries later, can still transmit all of its beauty.

The Marche also boasts a city, Jesi, where the metal worked is gold. There are many jewellery makers here, and in Fossombrone and Fano they are famous for their work with gold thanks to the many internationally- known maestros who design highly original pieces, the fruits of experimentation with form and a fine mastery of the many techniques of layering, hotdrawing and filigree.

At Pietrarubbia in the summer of 1990 they opened the T.A.M. (the Centre for the Artistic Treatment of Metals). It was the result of a city project and an agreement with renowned sculptor Arnoldo Pomodoro.  They have a permanent display and special exhibits during the summer where visitors can see some of the best works done by their students.

Loreto, with its Holy House, has developed an extraordinary industry of religious articles featuring sacred images on gold and silver plates, rosaries, innovative items made of silver and a vast range of souvenirs.

Text was taken up and elaborated by the pubblication “Made in Marche – 0km flavours and quality shopping”