Organic products

For many years now, the Marche has put an agricultural requalification plan in place offering numerous incentives for organic production in terms of quality and sustainability together with innovation and the enhancementof products. Dynamic and professional small-medium sized businesses have, over the years, accepted the organic challenge and have thus substantially increased their market share, becoming spokesmen for agricultural methods which respect the environment, the wellbeing of animals and the preservation of the rural landscape.

The Marche today boasts more than 2,300 producers and 2,288 operators, and the land cultivated following the dictates of organic methods now represents 12% of the total amount of farmed land, a percentage which is on the rise.

Among the main crops are grain, forage, grapes and olives, while 14,315 hectares are reserved for fields and pastureland.Even organic livestock production, which is based on the relationship between the soil and the animals as a basic guarantee of wellbeing, is one of the main principles to which breeders now adhere, well aware that animal productivity is directly connected to their health and wellbeing.

From wine to meats, grain to bread, pasta and sweets, the Marche offers a complete range of organically grown cultivated foods and thanks to the richness of the land and respect for the territory.

Consumers increasingly insistent on organic food and beverages have found something of a paradise here with plenty of stores, markets, events, fairs and weekly markets featuring what they are looking for all over the Marche, and known all over the country.

Over the past thirty years, even agritourisms have played an important role in the evolution of the relationship between tourism and the countryside.

The Marche today is home to 183 organic agritourisms spread out over its five provinces and Visitors are welcome at 73 farms and factories where the fruit of the land is grown and processed using ancient methods handed down over generations.

These educational factories give the visitor an opportunity to learn about agricultural activity, the food cycles, the many jobs and the social role of the farmers themselves as they respect the environment and nature. Caring for the barnyard animals, sharing the experiences of life in the countryside and wholesome food are the main activities of these open farms.

Organic markets and fairs have become an obligatory stop for anyone who loves to eat healthy food and for tourists who, when in the Marche, are looking for fine quality farm products. During the Grape Festival in Arcevia (AN) entire days are dedicated to organic lifestyles and wellness, an initiative called Biologica, which in Italian means organic.

In the province of Pesaro- Urbino they have the Biosalus national organic festival and in the centralsouth of the Marche there are two fairs dedicated to typical local products and organic foods, Leguminaria in Appignano (MC) and Bio & Tipico in Piazza at Massignano, in the Ascoli Picena area. Another event of national importance is Tipicità, which takes place every year in April.This festival celebrates the typical products of the Marche and offers visitors a complete overview of the delicacies to be enjoyed here in this lovely part of Italy.

Text was taken up and elaborated by the pubblication “Made in Marche – 0km flavours and quality shopping”