Much grain is cultivated in the Marche. Homemade pasta and bread were the staple diet of the sharecroppers, sometimes their only source of nutrition.

Bread wheat and durum wheat lead to an increase in the number of pasta factories.

Production methods and systems for all types of pasta are artisanal, whether with or without eggs.

Pasta made with eggs recalls the flavours of homemade pasta. The maccheroncini, or little macaronis, of Campofilone, made in the province of Fermo, for example, are unique. They feature on dinner tables and at food fairs the world over and are especially loved because they retain that special artisanal identity.

The recipe and ingredients are simple. All you need is durum wheat and eggs, double the amount usually employed for making normal egg pasta. The art of making them is handed down by the women, who work the dough by hand or with a wooden spoon. It’s delicious with meat sauce, but also with a seafood sauce.

For semolina pasta some artisans use high quality durum wheat. The milling, mixing and production of this product has remained faithful to tradition and the artisanal process in every aspect. Thanks to its high protein content and the fine organoleptic qualities, semolina pasta, and its particularly intense aroma, are much sought after by the most demanding markets the world over.

Text was taken up and elaborated by the pubblication “Made in Marche – 0km flavours and quality shopping”