Offida is famous for the meticulous and time-consuming art of making delicate bobbin lace. An ancient tradition which may date back as far as the XV century, it was imported from the Orient and is still practiced today with great mastery by the town’s women, often as they sit in small groups on the steps in front of their homes.

The centre of Offida is home to the Museo delle Tradizioni Popolari (Museum of Popular Traditions) located in the XIX century Palazzo De Castellotti – Pagnanelli and is well worth a visit.

In 1988 it became an important cultural hub when the G. Allevi Archaeological Museum, the City Picture gallery and the Bobbin Lace Museum were also housed there. The latter displays antique and modern examples of the traditional lace making, pieces made for use in homes at the turn of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The ancient art is also on show during the Bobbin Lace Fair which is held every summer and features some of the masterpieces made by the talented ladies on their doorsteps.

At the La Tela di Ginesi e Varagona workshop IN Macerata they still make textiles on manual looms. Not far from the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo in Lamoli, on the outskirts of Borgo Pace, in the Museum of Natural Colours, they recover, cultivate and process the leaves of pigment plants for their vegetable colours and experiment their application as textile dyes. Last but not least, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, near Cantiano and Mercatello sul Metauro, they make rustic woollen rugs.

Important textile workshops are also present in Ancona city centre.

Text was taken up and elaborated by the pubblication “Made in Marche – 0km flavours and quality shopping”